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Kade Hallows

While growing up Kade was the shy one of the five boys. If you have met him you know how times have changed—just ask him about his stand-up comedy routine of “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey”. He has always been good with business, numbers and people which is a rare breed of personality. He figured some kind of “numbers” business would be a good fit for him. After finishing his accounting degree at BYU, he moved to Missouri and ran his own resort business for three years. He then earned his master’s degree in accounting and went to work with one of Utah’s largest regional accounting firms and received his CPA license. After realizing this fulfilled his numbers need but not his people need, he returned to his roots in central Utah and began working with his dad, Ted, at Hallows & Company. Kade’s first passion is his four boys and his wife. He absolutely loves doing anything outdoors or that involves adventure. Kades passion to help other businesses succeed is second only to his need to be clean and thrifty. ie - He drove a 1992 Volkswagon Jetta (That appeared to have just come off the lot) and went one month with the gas light on before filling up. Kade’s most recent accomplishment was receiving his securities license so he can continue with our financial services for decades more. Personal Motto: “Never Stop Improving”- Secondary Motto: “When in doubt, check the left couch cushion, it’s usually there.”